Help buy time to get a loved one to an Emergency Room if they encounter violence with guns.

Doing Something Can Make A Difference

Each kit comes with an easy to understand instruction sheet especially for people with no training.

Gun Shot Bullet Wound First Aid Kits

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Gunshot Wound First Aid Kits in Tucson, AZ

Variety of High Quality Products

The basic kit includes TWO Advanced Clotting Sponges and TWO IDF Dressing/Bandage combos since most bullets will have an entrance and exit wound.  Each kit includes a pair of sterile Nitrile gloves to help protect the caregiver from diseases from infected blood.  EMS shears are included to help the caregiver get to the wound which may be underneath clothing.  A tourniquet is included for wounds to limbs where bleeding cannot be stopped.  A simple to understand instruction sheet with pictures is included with each kit.  All bags are made of the highest quality 600D Polyester.  

Competitive Pricing and FREE Dressing/Bandage Combo for Practice with Each Unit

The basic unit in a simple plastic bag is affordable for ladies to leave in large purses, students to keep one in their backpack, people to leave a kit in their glove compartment of their car, and employees to leave one in a drawer at work.  

Each kit will include a free dressing/bandage combo to practice with using the excellent double sided instructions sheet that has pictures and is simple to understand even if you have never had first aid training.

A box containing a bullet wound first aid kit in Tucson, AZ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are the bags available in?

At this time, the only colors available are royal blue except the tactical bag is only in black.

Are there any other discounts for bulk purchases?

The duffle bag with 25 units provides the best discount.

Can I use this kit without ever having first aid training?

Each unit comes with its own easy to understand instruction sheet.  The instructions can be understood by any adult.  It is recommended, though, that you attend a Red Cross CPR/First Aid class as soon as possible.

Is there any sales tax?

Sales tax is collected for anyone living in the State of Arizona.

Can DCE guarantee this kit will save a life?

No.  Some wounds will be so severe that this kit will not save a life.  The hope is that this kit will help buy some time to get the victim to an Emergency Room for professional care.

What does IDF stand for regarding the Dressing/Bandage combo?

Israel Defense Forces

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